Quranic Arabic Course

This Course will enrich the students with the knowledge of the Qur'an, the final revelation from Allah. Besides, the Arabic is the native Language for more than 27 countries of the world including the Middle East which is lucrative job market for the future potential employees. And this course will help the students have a grasp of this international Language.

Course structure and fees:
Duration: 08 weeks (02 months), 01 session per week
Fee: Tk. 6,000/= (Regular)
Tk. 5,500/= (for participants from Daffodil Family institutions)

Special features:

  • Read Arabic Language, and especially the Qur'an, with ease and authenticity.
  • Understand Arabic and communicate in small Arabic sentences; as this course is designed with the objective of showing the students the way towards greater and more intensive study of Arabic Language.
  • Understand the Qur'an little by little.
  • Come out of all misunderstandings and misgivings about Islam and its sources as they will be directly exposed to the basic source of Islam. 
  • Gain Allah's pleasure and get success Here & Hereafter


  • Counseling sessions outside classes
  • Small batches
  • Convenient class time