Pre-University English Language Course


Pre-University English Language Course for HSC Passed Students

An Introduction to the Course: This course is designed mainly to help the HSC passed students to strengthen their Basic English Grammar and Writing Skills. This course will focus on weak areas of individual students and help them to overcome those problems. After completing this course, HSC passed students will   hopefully become better in English language skills and fit for university admission and study. This course will provide practice of listening and speaking skills in an integrated way. This course also intends t0 create interest among students towards learning English in a fun way.


** Classes will be full of fun and interesting activities.
** Video based materials will be used for better learning.
** Classes will be conducted online.


Classroom Activities:
** Ice-breaking sessions ** Learning through singing ** Live interactions & ** Other Interesting Activities.
Classroom Resources:
** Video lessons ** Grammar through Music & Songs ** Relevant Web Materials

Course Information:

Class Duration: 1.5 hour
Total Classes: 16 classes
Total hours: 16 x 1.5 = 24 hours
Class per week: 04 classes
Time Duration: 04 weeks


Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to: 1] Apply Basic Grammar in Speaking and Writing English 2] Write short English compositions and paragraphs 3] Understand easy English spoken by others 4] Speak easy English in day-to-day life 5] Read and understand given texts


Syllabus of the Course: Basic Grammar: 

1 Verb forms and their uses
2 [C] [U] Nouns & Use of Articles
3 Use of common Prepositions
4 Yes/no questions and WH questions
5 Use of Modals
6 Present simple and continuous
7 Past simple and continuous
8 Future tense forms
9 Present perfect & Continuous
10  Past perfect & Continuous
11  Future Perfect & Continuous
12  Using the passive Voice
13  Using reported Speech
14  Using Conditional sentences
15  Subject-verb agreement
16  Sequence of tenses


  Paragraphs & short compositions


Listening and Speaking:
Listening to conversations/songs and speaking in situational contexts


Reading of texts presented and comprehension


Web Resources and materials:


Self-study materials for students:
1  Essential English Grammar-Raymond Murphy
2  Common Mistakes in English-T F Fitikides.