DIL Service Standards

At Daffodil Institute of Languages, we guarantee that we will communicate by:

a) answering all emails in two working days. Even if we don’t have the answers you need, we promise to keep in touch.
b) responding within two working days to all enquiries on our Facebook page and website.
c) mailing you the results of your diagnostic or IELTS practice test within five working days, along with comments on the most important priorities for improving your English.
d) calling you back if we’re unavailable to meet you when you call at our offices and if you leave your number.
e) answering your questions in the easiest medium for you: by phone, email, messenger or FB.
f) and sending updates to guardians about their relatives’ progress twice a month (if needed).

All our teachers:

a) have excellent qualifications in the language you are learning and are keen to help you improve your skills.
b) will correct your homework outside class every week and return it to you the class after you submit it. They will include comments on it and email if you prefer.
c) will guide you personally if you ask to meet them outside class time.
d) and will use different ways of teaching in their classes.

Our learning environment includes:

a) clean classrooms furnished with modern technologies.
b) well-equipped language labs.
c) a quiet and calm learning environment in our large library.
d) language club facilities to practice inside the campus.

We also offer:

a) free seminars to give students more information and tips regarding language learning.
b) open access for all to our language clubs on selected days to observe our club activities.
c) our IELTS students Practice Tests free.
d) certification on successful completion of language courses.
e) special discounts to our students for any second language course.
d) priority for scholarships in the universities of our foreign partners.