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What is J.TEST?
J.TEST is a Japanese language skill test administered by the authorities in Japan. Daffodil Institute of Languages (DIL), affiliated to Daffodil International University, has been conducting this test since 2017. J.TEST is administered in over 50 cities inside and outside Japan.

Special features:

  • J.Test offers you a convenient schedule with six test dates (January, March, May, July, September and November) per year.
  • You do not need to register for each level separately. If you register for E-F level test, you will cover JLPT N5 and N4 together and if you register for A-D level, you will cover JLPT N3 to N1 levels. Certificate will awarded based on your score (see scores and evaluations).
  • You will get a practical Japanese proficiency assessment.

Test fee: Tk. 2,100/= per level

Test dates in 2019:

Test No. Registration Deadline Exam Date Level Announcement of Result
142nd 20.12.2018 (Thursday) 13.01.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 01.02.2019 (Friday)
143rd 14.02.2019 (Thursday) 10.03.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 29.03.2019 (Friday)
144th 18.04.2019 (Thursday) 12.05.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 31.05.2019 (Friday)
145th 20.06.2019 (Thursday) 14.07.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 02.08.2019 (Friday)
146th 15.08.2019 (Thursday) 08.09.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 27.09.2019 (Friday)
147th 10.10.2019 (Thursday) 03.11.2019 (Sunday) A-C, D-E, F-G 22.11.2019 (Friday)

How to register: For online registration, please visit http://jtest.daffodil.university/register and fill in required information. You will need to upload scanned copy of your photo, signature and NID or Birth certificate or Passport. Then submit your application. You need to deposit your test fee at office of the Daffodil Institute of Languages. We will send you a weblink to your email to download your admit card about one week before the test date.

Or, you can visit our office at Daffodil Tower (4/2, Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi), Level-5, Room-512/A, with two copy of your passport size photo, one copy of your NID or Birth certificate or Passport and test fee Tk. 2,100/=.

Download Jtest Application Form

Brief information about E-F level test:
Total test time            : 100 minutes
Total points                : 500 points

Reading & Writing: 70 minutes
Content No. of questions Points per question Total point
Grammar & Vocabulary 26 05 130
General Reading Comprehension 14 05 70
Kanji 14 05 70
Writing 06 05 30
Total: 300
Listening: 30 minutes
Content No. of questions Points per question Total point
Depiction 05 05 25
Listening-reading comprehension 05 05 25
Response questions 15 05 75
Conversation & Explanation 15 05 75
Total: 200
E-F Level Scores and evaluations
J.Test Scores out of 500 points JLPT
E Level 350 or greater N4
F Leval 250-349 N5

*Candidates who scores below 250 points will not get certificate.

Brief information about A-D level test:
Total test time            : 125 minutes
Total points                : 1000 points ( Reading & Writing 500 points, Listening 500 points)

Reading & Writing: 80 minutes
Content No. of questions
Grammar & Vocabulary 40
General Reading Comprehension 20
Kanji 30
Writing 10
Listening: 45 minutes
Content No. of questions
Depiction 10
Listening-reading comprehension 10
Response questions 20
Conversation & Explanation 15


A-D Level Scores and evaluations
J.Test Scores out of 1000 points JLPT
Special A 930 or greater  
A 900-929  
Pre-A 850-899  
B 800-849  
Pre-B 700-799 N1
C 600-699 N2
D 500-599 N3
Pre-D 400-499  

*Candidates who scores below 400 points will not get certificate.

*Acceptance points: In case that you get zero in even one of the eight fields in Reading, Writing and Listening sections, your level will not be recognized.

Official webpage of J.Test: //j-test.jp/

Test site in Bangladesh         : Daffodil International University, Daffodil Tower,
4/2, Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207

Contact                                   : Daffodil Institute of Languages (DIL)
Daffodil Tower (4/2, Shobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi),
Level-5, Room No.-512/A, Dhaka-1207
E-mail: dil@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd
Cell: 01847140018
Tel: 8130864, 8129177, 8129402 Ext.: 322